Friday, March 26, 2010

Dina font for Visual Studio 2010

Updated: I've verified it works with VS2010 Release as well.
Thanks to the hard work of Erik Olofsson decoding the mystery of Embedded Bitmap Fonts I was able to convert one of my all time favorite programming fonts Dina into TTF usable by Visual Studio. The beauty of this technique is that it preserves the bitmap glyphs perfectly and the text rendering does not try to apply anti-aliasing or cleartype. See?

Visual Studio 2010
*bonus* I found that this font can also be used with any .NET application (WPF or Windows Forms) that normally can't handle raster fonts. Here's Dina used as the Grid font for SQL Server Management Studio

Download from my File Cabinet If anyone wants to re-host this file let me know and I'll update the link

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cool motion blur

I ran across this picture while backing up Katie's phone. It's of me and Gracie at the vet. Gracie was just a tiny baby here and apparently I'm headbanging. The motion blur is pretty neat looking. It almost makes me look like I have Donald Trump hair.
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