Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After being fed up with the ability to use copy and paste in the Snippet editor in SQL Prompt I decided to create my own editor.

While I was at it I got a little carried away and created a full blown Snippet Management application. The funny thing is I know that SQL Prompt 3.5 is slated to be Release Candidated (heh) this month and the full release will come shortly after. At the very least the aforementioned bug will be fixed and probably some of the other features I put in will be included as well since people kept asking for them in the support forums.

Get it here

IMPORTANT! Back up your Snippets file before using, as I make no warranties that it won't completely mangle your file.

Some other things to note: (As I don't have any help written)

  • I did my best to make the app very keyboard friendly, get to learn the different shortcuts.
  • Most of the list views have the ability to perform multi selected operations
  • On the import screen if you see a snippet colored DarkGoldenRod it means that you already have the snippet defined and it is exactly the same as the import snippet. If you see a snippet colored Red it means you already have the snippet defined and it is different from the import snippet (conflicted). Double click the colored snippet to view a comparison.


Mike O'Neill said...


Great tool !!, I started the thread around copy and paste so I agree thoroughly, it just what I want

I added it as an external tool to the tools menu in MSSMS , when I open it it starts to try and save any unsaved queries in the studio , is this normal ?

cheers Mike

Chris Rickard said...

I don't know... I never tried any SSMS integration though I do have a tool that would be perfect for it.

Malcolm said...



SAinCA said...

Hi Chris,
Originally installed in '07 but now I have a new XP Pro machine with all the latest Service Packs and VS/SS 2008 goodies, and SQL Prompt 3.9, the Snippet Editor bombs on open - some "file not found exception"... I unzipped the download and parked it as a subfolder of c:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 3\

Any ideas, as I need a fairly long snippet to help with fraud-prevention...


Chris Rickard said...

SAinCA- please email me. You can get my address through my profile page. I have the feeling this can get quite long...